Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to the Golden Age of Hollywood (June 1, 2010)

In my personal opinion, Hollywood has is no longer the most appealing or exciting place in the whole world. The actors are bad, the films being made make no sense, and there really is nothing that seems to be professional about it. You may not believe it but there was a time when Hollywood was exciting and glamorous. There was a time when movies made sense with their plots and characters. There was a time when actors and actresses knew how to act and how to do so in a real, authentic way.

This time all ties into the period known as "The Golden Age of Hollywood"; a time when movies were filmed in glorious black and white, wardrobes were extravagent, sets were majestic, and the price of a movie ticket was a mere twenty-five cents. The purpose of this blog is to get you to understand this period and all that took place in it and at the same time this blog is meant to open your eyes to the world of classic film and what it has to offer you. Let's begin shall we?

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