Friday, July 2, 2010

"Mommie Dearest" - A Falsehood If Ever There Was

PLEASE NOTE: This article is going to take a look into the book Mommie Dearest and Joan Crawford's name will be mentioned. I ask of you not to post any hateful or derogatory words for if it begins to happen frequently I will have not choice but to disable the comment post command for this article. Thank you.

In 1978, Christina Crawford, the adoptive daughter of film star Joan Crawford, published a tell all book depicting her adoptive mother as being abusive and violent towards her and her other adopted siblings while a child. The book drew up so much interest that it was made into a 1981 film starring Faye Dunaway in the role of Joan Crawford.

Over the years the book's contents have been disputed both by Crawford's other children and some of Joan's famous friends from the Hollywood years; i.e. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Cesar Romero, Myrna Loy, Barbara Stanwyck, Loretta Young, Gloria de Haven, and Marlene Dietrich. However the supporters of this memoir included such stars as Helen Hayes, Arlene Dahl, and June Allyson.

I personally believe that Christina Crawford fabricated Mommie Dearest and that she did this to spite her mother for being more successful then she was herself. Besides a true Crawford fan can tell that a large percent of the book seems to be untrue and a little "over the top". In fact, Christina Crawford has even admitted herself that a large percent of the book was embelished. If you listen to statements from Crawford's other children, as well as the other reputable actors who knew her, we could develop our own perspectives at to the truths and falsehood's behind the infamous Mommie Dearest.

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  1. I watched "Mommie Dearest" before I had seen any of Joan Crawfords films, and it did put her in a pretty bad light. But after being able to see her in various different roles, showing not just strength but vulnerablity and compassion, it is hard to imagine that the woman depicted in "Mommie Dearest" could be the same person. I enjoy watching Joan Crawford, and I am glad that I didn't allow the over the top negative depiction of her in "Mommie Dearest" to keep me from realizing what a wonderful actress she was.