Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday to Sally Blane

On this day in 1910 actress Sally Blane was born in Salida, California, the second daughter of Boarding House owner Gladys Belzner. She was a sister to actress Loretta Young. Sally began her career in silent films both as a child and a teenager. When talking films arrived her career progressed. In 1935 she married film actor and director Norman Foster and had two children whom they named Robert and Gretchen.

She retiered from acting in 1957 and lived in Los Angeles, CA until her death from cancer on August 27, 1997 age 87. Being a devout Catholic she was laid to rest in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, CA. Her sisters Polly Ann Young (1908 - 1997) and Loretta (1913 - 2000) both died of cancer too and were laid to rest in the same cemetery. She had another sister named Georgianna Young (1924 - 2007) who was married to actor Ricardo Montalban (1920 - 2009) and the two of them are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery as well.

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