Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jimmy and Ginger were Lovers

James Stewart and Ginger Rogers are both popular favorites in the Classic Actors/Actresses department but what a lot of people don't know is that in their private lives there were very close. Jimmy and Ginger co-starred together in 1938's Vivacious Lady for RKO Radio Pictures in leads where the two main characters are linked romantically.

In their private lives, Jimmy, who during this stage in his life was a bachelor, was in a relationship with Ginger who was married to actor Lew Ayers around this time. They became good friends and in 1940 the two of them won Oscars in the Best Actor and Actress categories; he for The Philadelphia Story and she for Kitty Foyle. When Ginger's marriage to Lew Ayers dissolved in 1941 she and Jimmy began a romantic relationship.

In Jimmy's autobiography, which was released after Ginger's death in 1995, he claimed that during the time he'd been in a relatinship with her that he had lost his virginity with her. Until Ginger's death Jimmy and Ginger were the best of friends. Jimmy would marry Gloria Hatrick in 1949 and would remain married to her until her death in 1994.

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